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Podcast April 12th, 2014

Podcast April 12th, 2014

GaijinAss Podcast #2. With “Guest”.  We Ramble about nothing in particular while someone cooks in the background. Conclusion? I really need to get some microphones.

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GLORY 15 Istanbul predictions

GLORY 15 Istanbul predictions


If you don’t know then I will tell you: I love kickboxing.

GLORY is the premier kickboxing promotion around right now and thus far the events have been amazing.  The kickboxing game has been revolutionized, particularly in the Light Heavy and Heavy Weight Realms, and much of this has been due to GLORY’s ability to attract and promote the best of the best.

The next event will be held on April…

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7 (Surprising) Reverse Culture Shock Shocks after Ten years Abroad

7 (Surprising) Reverse Culture Shock Shocks after Ten years Abroad

gaijinassbannerAfter ten years abroad, most of it spent in Tokyo, I recently visited Tampa, Florida.  The trip was many things: some positive, some negative, some surprising and some par-for-the-course with an overall all resounding sentiment of “Why was I away for so long and did I find what I was looking for?“  This question will take time to wade through and an answer is by no means forth coming in the near…

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Cameras everywhere, everyone is watching

Cameras everywhere, everyone is watching

Cameras everywhere, everyone is watching
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David Brin’s 2002 book Kiln People, is about a private detective in a not to distance future.  In Brin’s future, video surveillance is so pervasive that as long as you’re not in the deep wilderness you can be recorded and tracked 24/7.  Camera feeds from store surveillance, drones, red light cams, British style police CCTV cameras capture everything.   To track someone all the…

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Just a tornado of burning tumble weeds

Guide to Sick Days in Japan

Guide to Sick Days in Japan

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Taking a sick day in Japan is a tricky thing. It makes sense if you are sick to stay at home and avoid infecting your co-workers but the company doesn’t want to lose productive workdays from you. With the stagnant economy there is a lot of pressure not to take sick days yet it’s your right to take them. If you’re a full time worker how many sick days you get according to Japanese…

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