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A Very Decent Black Shirt

A Very Decent Black Shirt

gaijinassbannerIt’s Fashion.

There are two old photos someplace.  One is of a tall black haired young military man in a leisure suit, a gold chain across a tanned and hairy chest, with each arm around two young ladies wearing Mickey mouse ears.  I know someone who doesn’t like this photo.

There’s another photo, the older kind with the rounded corners, of a pretty women with that late 70’s hair style smiling…

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Dead man walking pauses while crowd of terrified onlookers watches him vomit blood

Dead man walking pauses while crowd of terrified onlookers watches him vomit blood

5 More Must Read Books for Warriors

5 More Must Read Books for Warriors


Reading is really great, even for warriors.  Aside from really upping your chances of passing the ASVAB or puzzling over the ingredients in your MRE entree for the hundredth time while on fire-watch, it also gives the warrior (or wanna-be-warrior; it’s all good; Own it.) the ability to read the tales of other badasses.  This is good; this is basket leave good.  We gave you the required reading…

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How to become big in Japan

Added a new agency for movie work in Japan, Frame-In

Game of Thrones - March to War: Who pulls the puppet strings - Major Spoilers

Sei-G and his wood block Game Of Thrones series

Sei-G and his wood block Game Of Thrones series

Sei-G a Game of thrones fan made these awesome art pieces made in the style of traditional Japanese woodblock painting. Check out more of his art at

duel between Robert Baratheon and Rhaegar Targaryen

Sei-G:”This is the iconic duel between Robert Baratheon and Rhaegar Targaryen that preceded the series by seventeen years. Instead of a war hammer, Robert wields a Kanabō, a club-like samurai bludgeoning weapon. His antlered helmet is…

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The Rain Isn’t Working

The Rain Isn’t Working


The Japanese do not handle the rain very well.

“It’s going to stop.”

“What is?”

“The rain. The rain’s going to stop. Any minute now.”

A thunder-clap absolutely rolls across the dark grey sky covering Tokyo and I look up at it from my seat on the balcony.

“Maybe you should say that again. I don’t think it heard you.” Another bolt of lightning and the sudden thunder; right above us but a little…

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LittleFinger loves throwing people out of planes

Maps of Game of Thrones

Maps of Game of Thrones

Lately I’ve been getting into the Game of Thrones (GoT) Universe.  I love the intrigue and scope of the series and more and more people seem to be catching on.  The growth and popularity of the show is incredible with the amount of legitimate viewers increasing each episode.  In addition to people watching on HBO, Game of Thrones is also the most torrented show in history.

Recently I started to…

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